NTPC rescue and swimming campaign 2015

      "This year "swimming laos" launch a new drowning awareness campaign in Nakai province (Lao P.D.R) with the support of the electricity powering compagny NTPC.

      From March 20 th to March 24 th was the first contact with 18 schools (more than 800 students 6 to 10 years old) situate on the bank of the electricity powering reservoir.

The two targets of this campaign will be to provide swimming lessons for kids 6 to 10 years old and first aid drowning rescue formation to parents and children."

Pilote phase

Since March 2015 "swimming Laos" have opened a new safety swimming campaign in Nakai province (Laos P.D.R). This action was launched by the Electricity powering group NTPC. Indeed the dam construction in 2004 created a large artificial lake.

People who live close to the rice fields are now surrounded by water. There are 18 villages and more than 2000 children situate at less than 50 meters from the reservoir. After 10 years of life NTPC recorded a census of people drowned around the lake.

To protect locals and moreover children against drowning risk NTPC asked the " swimming Laos" intervention.

To sum up in March 2015 "swimming laos" team came to all schools located near the lake to raise awareness among children concerning drownings and propose to teach swimming for 20 volunteer students between 6 and 10 years old.

From October 21th to 31th two swimming instructors, Simon Vaslet (director of "swimming Laos") and Voutphixay Keomisy have been carry out the pilote phase. 46 students from two schools ( Thalang and Oudomsouk) were selected to learn how to swim during two weeks.


Simon Vaslet " swimming Laos" director