The lack of aquatic skills

The second factor relates to older children who drown away from the house (100 meters or more),

because they do not have sufficient swimming skill. Drowning is represented by the red bars on each graph. Bars of different shades of blue represent other causes of injury (eg road traffic, animal bites, burns, falls, etc ...).


This drowning represents a significiant proportion of mortality in each country and is heavily concentrated in infancy.


In the studied countries such as Bangladesh and Cambodia, the  proportion of deaths due to drowning in the group of 1-4 years and 5-9 years group represents 20% of mortality.


It is the same for both contries China and Thailand where drowning is responsible for a large share of deaths among children.




In conclusion , these two cases require different intervention approaches. For children who are not supervised and drowned near home, interventions should focus on parents, guardians and the environment close to home.

For older children, interventions should focus on the children themselves because drowning occurs when they are unattended, alone or with children of the same age in the community.