In Laos, six children drown everyday


During day time, one child drowns every 45 seconds in Asia.

The danger is unknown because of the very speed at which it kills (after 5mins, chance of survival drops critically). There is no time for hospitalisation. Consequently the census of drowning rate is difficult and underestimate.




Swimming activities


Since March 2014 at Vientiane capitale of Laos PDR swimming laos program provided swimming basic swimming skills to  250 children from 12 Lao primary schools participed of swimming activities.

NTPC rescue and swimming campaign 2015


Since March 2015 "swimming Laos" have opened a new safety swimming campaign in Nakai province (Laos P.D.R). This action was launched by the Electricity powering group NTPC. From October 21th to 31th two swimming instructors have been carry out the pilote phase. 46 students from two schools ( Thalang and Oudomsouk) were selected to learn how to swim during two weeks.




Drowning is a leading cause of death for children worldwide. This menace is present in all countries around the world.


Moreover it is important to note the 25% of all children in the  world live in South-est Asia. A UNICEF report indicates a large number of children drownings in Asia (95% of all current childhood drowning deaths).


Howover, if we do not have precise figures on the situation in Laos, neighbouring countries drowning rates and many testimonies about child drowning occuring in village near water points especially near homes (large pools, reservoirs, lakes, rivers...) indicate a hight drowning rate in this country also.


These fatal accidents concern three categories of age, 1 to 4 years, 5 to 9 years and 10 and over, with a strong concentration in the early years (1 to 4 years) .


Laos is an isolated country and off the radar. No awarness or education campaigns have been created yet. Swimming Laos program was created in January 2013. After one and half year of negotiation with the Lao gouvernment we finally get governmental authorisation that allow Lao primary schools to acess teaching basic swimming skills in march 2014.